Ceramic Coatings — Benefits

  • Chemically bonded to paint (waxes and sealants wash off over time)

  • Slightly harder than normal clear coat preventing future scratches

  • No more waxing — permanent shine

  • Hydrophobic — dirt and water fall off easily; vehicle stays cleaner, longer

  • Cost effective — no more polishing, buffing, or money spent on spray waxes or other expensive alternatives

  • Extremely easy to clean

  • Nano layer of coating blocks all dust, water, dirt, brake dust and other matter preventing them from causing damage to the factory clear coat (Does not prevent rock chips)

Coating Options

  • 6-12 month coating (Included in our Silver Package)

  • 3 year coating by Next Level Coatings (Included in Gold Package or can be bought strictly as a coating only)