Exterior detail — $300 smaller/$350 bigger

Services Include:

  • Steam Wash (Normal Hand Wash if filthy/requested) and Hand Dry including Rims/Tires

  • Exterior Plastic/Rubber Treated and Tires Shined

  • Clay Bar Decontamination** of Paint and Water Spot Removal/Polish of windows

  • Multi-Stage Scratch and Swirl Mark Removal *Best For Heavily Oxidized/Scratched Vehicles*

  • Final Polish and 6-12 Month Ceramic Coating Applied to Paint and Front Windshield

  • ALL Chrome and Rims Polished

  • Engine Bay Treatment

*Paint correction beyond stated treatment above will be by estimate*

**Clay Bar Decontamination: Helps clean paint below the surface to eliminate contaminants that grip, or even penetrate the clear coat. The clay bar safely removes these contaminants from the paint and leaves your vehicle feeling slick and smooth. Here is a great video explaining clay bar technology.